Video Content + Experiential


Video Content + Experiences

Below are my favorite¬†iheartradio¬†music¬†videos that I directed with Davey Sherwinter from 2010-2012 at the iheart’s Tribeca theater. We were nominated for Webby’s for some of the work we did in this theater and garnered millions of impressions across the nation’s largest network of radio stations and their digital domains.

We worked with everyone from Tier 0 to baby-bands at small events hosted by us in Tribeca. See below for photos with Adele, John Legend + The Roots, Mumford & Sons, My Chemical Romance, Usher, Robyn, Neon Trees, NeYo, Doobie Brothers, and a baby Justin Bieber.

Client: iheartradio
Services: Video Content + Experiential