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Got No Strings Digital + Social

One of the best performing campaigns for Beats from a sales perspective.



No Strings.

Playing on Pinnochio’s theme song ‘Got No Strings’ and the Beats anthem film at large (created by Anomaly), we at Laundry Service, created a digital focused campaign leveraging celebrities and influencers to deliver the ‘stringless’ campaign message against strategic platform-focused content plays.

One of the best performing campaigns for Beats from a sales perspective.

In our digital ecosystem:
a suite of social-focused 10sec “ads” featuring a talent story that connected back to product
• two IG in-feed grid-view launches with animated keyart and videos via IG Stories; one focused on the anthem story and the second was a talent and product story
• performance marketing via Facebook Canvas’ stories that drove the user from story to a simple conversion opportunity

Facebook Canvas.
Our canvas’ were essentially micro-sites that leveraged talent stories to hook consumers into product features and benefits. These were featured as best-in-class via Facebook.

Social Launch in 2 phases.
First phase centered around the campaign story and conceit and the second phase was focused on the product suite and its features.


72 Million Trend Impressions
15.2 Million Site Views Led to Beats Most Successful First Quarter in A Fiscal Year To Date


Unprecedented 95% View Completion Rate
Named One of 2016’s Top Viral Videos – according to Ad Age

72 million

Trend Impressions


View Completion Rate

15.2 million

Site Views

One of 2016’s

Top Viral Videos