Beats By Dre

'Charged Up' Digital Campaign


‘Charged Up’ Digital Campaign

The Charged Up campaign, Beats first digital-only campaign, was a quest for new audience, particularly the fitness segment. In order to to attract a new audience and achieve growth in the space, our strategy was to use real people, and micro-influencers, to tell the story of pushing through that moment when we it seems impossible. And how music is that fuel that gets you over the hump. This was done via amazing photography by Ravi Vora , powerful motion of athletes actually pushing though that barrier while wearing the Beats Active Collection, and a strategic launch that leveraged the Instagram feed and a unique video-hack.

The folks that engaged with the organic content were retargeted with color-driven product content (dark posts).

Fun note: We caught a bit of “lighting in a bottle” by using Desiigners ‘Panda’ song that blew up shortly after the release of this campaign.

Client: Beats By Dre
Services: 'Charged Up' Digital Campaign