‘Experience Local’ was an Airbnb Experiences didactic micro-campaign built around both the WSL CT Tour and the tourism that ensues in Oahu, Hawaii.

Thats a mouthful, let me explain…
Insight: As a general rule, the surf community doesn’t appreciate sharing finite resources, waves and space. with outsiders or non-locals – especially in Oahu, Hawaii on the North Shore, the mecca of surfing. Additionally, there is a code between surfers, a set of unwritten rules that are passed on in the community and all must respect.

Problem / Solution: Understanding that any casual surfer and/or adventurer would want to experience Oahu’s aquatic gems (potentially create complications by breaking unknown code or putting themselves or others in harm) we created bookable experiences, as well as a digital campaign. These experiences allowed the public to experience Oahu with key hosts – surf royalty and arbiters – to learn the code as well as rich life-changing experiences. From SUP-squatch’ing Waimea Bay with Kalani Chapman and Strider to boating and surfing Waikiki with the entire legendary Moniz family.

Client: Airbnb Experiences
Services: Micro-Campaign