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Air + Style

TV + Digi Content Development
Air + Style TV + Digital Content

I developed shows for the Air + Style brand for ESPN/ABC, Verizon’s GO90 platform, as well as their owned digital channels.

The Triple

Stale Sandbech takes you through the hardest, most coveted trick in the game.. the triple cork. Sit back and watch the magic happen.


Created by Treetop Productions


This digital-specific nugget was a last minute idea that turned into a few million organic views.
Luckily the boss was down for some fun. We distributed this across Steve Aoki’s owned channels as well as A+S’s.


Direction ~ Ryan Bucci
Editor ~ Bradley Scott
Camera ~ Miles H, Bradley Scott, Jordan Lovelis, Ryan Bucci

TV Production + Digital Segments

We strategically developed 3x 1-hr shows for ESPN’s ‘World of X-Games’ across broadcast and digital channels to tell our brand story of sports and music.
While there was cross-over in the actual content we built the segments specifically for digital and broadcast distribution with each audience in mind.

Artist Profile: MAR
Artist Profile: Phantogram
Artist Profile: Portugal The Man

On the Inside: Kendrick Lamar
On the Inside: Low Bros

Innsbruck: Music Segment

TV Show Segments

Some of the content and narrative was built specific for a day-time TV audience, like our Innsbruck: Music Segment. Have a look.


DP / Editor ~ Bradley Scott
Production – Kemp Curley

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